Thursday, November 24, 2011

Van Brussel tot Parijs

Men zegt wel eens dat Brussel en Parijs zustersteden of tweelingsteden zijn, en daar is wel iets van maar eerlijk gezegd heb ik het toch meer begrepen op Parijs: veel mondialer, veel kosmopolitischer, veel esthetischer ook met minder verkrotting zoals je in Brussel vandaag de dag wel eens aantreft. Ik zoek 3 sterren hotels in Parijs waar met ons hele gezin kunnen logeren, kan iemand ons tips geven?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spending time in a hotel in Brussels, Belgium!

Weekend in a hotel in the centre of Brussels

hotels brusselI just got back from an interesting trip to a very interesting city: for 3 days and 4 nights, I got the chance to stay at a very nice Brussels hotel. Brussel, in the old days the capitol of Bourgondian Brabant. Later the most important town of the (Spanish) Lowlands and again a few centuries later the capitol that linked the so devided Belgium (Dutch-speaking Flandres and French-speaking Wallonie). Maybe that's why the atmosphere in Brussels can be called international, although the look of the (old) town is so typically Lowland (especially the Marketsquare). Brussels d.B. (district of Belgium), it can now-a-days be called. The European capital in the centre of the European Community has however much more then the Euro-neighborhood full of high officebuildings and the European parlement. The town has a rich and moving history as the country has been a battlefield between many nations on the old continent.

When you're going to visit the Market in the centre, beware. Its beauty will put many other squares in the world permanently in the shadow. The magnificent cityhall and beautiful patrician-houses will amaze you and you can spend hours walking around. If you're lucky, you can book a room in one of the hotels in Brussel located close to this magnificent square. Mine was a little bit further, next time I'll definitely pick a hotel in Brussel centrum!

citytrip brusselBrussels is also the place for enjoying the Bourgondian style of eating, you will definitely notice that in your hotel Brussel as well as in the many many fine restaurants in the city centre. Deliscious is here still not the word to be used as it is not good enough for the tasty menus you can enjoy here. Especially in the little alleys around the Marketsquare you can find many restaurants that will serve you the finest courses.

Furthermore, after having left your hotel in Brussel in the morning, you can make long walks along many historical places. The shopping streets, with as highlight the first shopping-arcade in the world: Saint Hubert-galery. The churches of Saint Michel & Saint Goedele or the little Zavel, with the peaceful green place next to it, that reminds one of the blackest moments in Lowlands-history. The huge Palace of Justice (one of the largest classic buildings in the world, however holding the largest doors). On top of this all one should not forget the Royal Palace and it's park. A place where one can enjoy the wealth of the King's of Belgium as well as the peace of the green lanes. I found it very nice to return to my beautiful hotel Brussels after having spent the entire day watching and photographing all those beautiful things. I was exhausted!

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There are many websites available where you can book your hotel in Brussels. One of the best in my opinion is, where you don't pay any reservation fees whatsoever, you just book and pay directly at the hotel. It also offers you a lot of promotions, hotels Brussel aanbiedingen, even for luxe hotels Brussel there are many hotelspecials you can enjoy! Have a look at the many possibilities today!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cities closeby

Brussels might well be the biggest and most influential city in Belgium, the small country houses numerous other interesting cities where visitors can find many cultural, historical, architectural and gastronomical treasures. Cities like Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp each welcom millions of tourists each year and this obviously doesn't happen for no reason! Staying in a a hotel Brugge for example you are where you need to be if you like interesting and fascinating cities. Almost the entire historical city centre of Bruges has been put on the World Heritage List, so millions of people come each year to stay at least one night in a Bruges hotel. Many of these hotels Bruges are located along these age old cobbled streets and alleys, or along one of the many enchanting and world famous Bruges canals.

During my time in a hotel Gent, namely the Hotel Chamade I could here and there pick up some resemblances of Bruges, especially in the historical city centre (as beautiful as Bruges'). The quality of the Ghent hotels is also comparable to Bruges. The biggest difference of staying in a hotel Gent is perhaps that the city is a lot more modern and vibrant, mainly because of the presence of 30.000 students!

How about spending a weekend or longer in a hotel in Amsterdam, for example in a luxury hotel Amsterdam? Why not, the capital of the Netherlands is still what it was 30 years ago: a vibrant centre for everyone who considers themselves modern and trendy. Those who want to spend a little less money can always saty at a hotel Brussel or at a hotel Deventer, just like Brussels, a very beautiful and historical city!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hotels in Brussels

Brussels, The european capital and one of the oldest cities of Europe. Not only business but tourism aswell is flourishing in Brussels. The enormous amount of hotels in Brussels is almost not in the possibility to accomodate all guest in the Belgian Capital. Most of the hotels are situated in the city center but new projects are on its way around the European quarter as accomdation for European politicians is one of the most important niches for the hotelmarket in Brussels.

Brussels is situated in the heart of Belgium, and is competing with other marvellous cities like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Ostend,... for the best places to stay to visit Belgium. Bruges is almost certainly the biggest competion to Brussels as there are over 80 hotels in Bruges and this city is most definitely worth visiting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Husa President Park Hotel

The hotel President Park is centrally located in the new Business District, between Tour & Taxis and the Brussels Harbour and the Railway Station (Brussels North). The HUSA chain (Spain) offers you a completely renovated and stylish four star-hotel. The very spacious rooms with beautiful beds will make each stay an delightful experience! The hugh garden of the hotel President Park in Brussels stands for an oasis of silence within lively Brussels. All hotelrooms in Brussels are easily booked on line.